Wedding | Adam & Heather | Yuma, AZ

Congratulations Adam and Heather!
April 7th, 2018 | Yuma brought it this past weekend!

Heather and Adam’s wedding day was sublime. How awesome is it that Heather got married in her own backyard?! The bride’s family hosted this beautiful celebration and all filled the air with laughter and good times. What better place to celebrate than the place you call home? Speaking of home, their celebration gave me a chance to come here, to Yuma, to see my family, too! I loved having my family around this weekend and to see Heather and Adam’s family love on them the same way…man, it just fills up your heart. Their day was full of peace, kindness, donuts, an outdoor ceremony, the happiest bridal party to-date, Mexican food and Coke, delicious sweets, and one jaw-dropping wedding dress.
Thank you for asking me to be a small part of the best day of your lives (so far!;). It only gets better from here! <3

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